ZippityProofing: What to Expect

Starting Tuesday, June 4th 2019, will launch a BETA product called Zippity Proofing. This will change the way customers view and approve their artwork before print, ensuring the best print results.


Any business card orders placed after June 4th you can expect the following:


1. Zippity Proofing Welcome Email

Look for an email labeled " has added you to Zippity Proofing BETA". It is here you will receive your user name, a temporary password and a link to explore the Zippity Proofing page.



2. User Dashboard

Upon logging into your account, you will immediately be taken to your Zippity Proofing Dashboard where you can change your password and check that all your information is correct. After this you have the option to look around and explore while our program works on your file checking that there are no print errors and fixing them as it goes through them!



3. Proof is Ready!

Shortly after setting up your account you will receive an email letting your know your proof is ready for approval. You will be able to approve or reject the proof from within the email or click "Go to Job" to view the details of your artwork such as errors our program may have caught and fixed!



4. Approve Your Artwork

Zippity Proofing will fix any font outline errors, missing bleeds, over print issues and color conversions that may have been unknown and reflect it in the proof. If everything looks good, approve your artwork and that's it! You're done! Zippity Proofing and the ZippityPrint Team will take care of the rest and get your product moving into production!